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Vulvar Pagets.

Hi, I'm Sharon L B.

Help..does someone have this disease? Would really like someone to answer
What did you have done. How was it taken care of..etc. I was diagnosed in January 2015. Having my third biopsy surgery soon. Shar

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  • Sun Apr 19, 2015
I'm marky, and I'm a survivor of Multiple Myeloma

Yes; I have Multiple Myeloma and have had many treatments and procedures. The first step has been to gather information: Information from my body and information from my doctor and research you I found and explored too.

I cannot tell if you are actively following this blog. I know that when I first started looking for answers, I put questions in many places and sometimes I returned to continue the conversation; sometimes not…

If you return, I would be glad to point you to some excellent sites. Start with because they have a very easy site to navigate, a great breadth of information too.

Let the community know in your next post what questions you need answered.

God Bless You,
– marky

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  • Tue Apr 21, 2015

I am a skin cancer patient, I’ve never had any myeloma. I worry if later on I will suddenly see one! I also have CML and wonder if this skin cancer, maybe one gone untreated for too long, has played a part of my recent illness CML. Has anyone else with CML had skin cancer? Teresa, from TN.

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  • Wed Apr 22, 2015
I was diagnosed with MM last Summer. I had chemo therapy from Sept to the end of Dec. After the chemo the next step was to collect my stem cells for a transplant. I just came home from the hospital after my transplant. check what options you may have..


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  • Wed Apr 22, 2015
Hi, I'm LISA M.

Anyone else been diagnosed with Extramammary Paget’s? Received my diagnosis in August.

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  • Sun Oct 30, 2016

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