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The Navigating Care Library includes articles about cancer, chemotherapy regimens and drugs from the the National Cancer Institute and other experts.
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There must be others out there with vaginal cancer!
Hi, I'm Denise B.
Hi ladies, I just now found this site. I was diagnosed with vaginal cancer on March 29, 2017. I had a large mass removed from my pelvic that was covering tumors completely encompassing the top, middle and a 3rd of the lower portion of my vagina. I am fortunate enough the have one of the few GYN Oncologist in the nation. (I believe there are only 1000 across the country). He has seen many tim…   Read more…

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Maintaining your strength

Eating can be challening while on treatment. Eat when you have the biggest appetite and eat plenty of protein and calories when you can. This help you keep up your strength and helps rebuild tissues harmed by cancer treatment.

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